What’s cooking in Mozambican Cuisine

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Mozambique is distinguished in Africa for its delectable cuisine and pungent aroma all around the flora and fauna! A long coastline followed by a rich fishing ground, it’s no wonder that many of its famous dishes revolve around fresh seafood.


The more you explore Mozambique, the closer you reach to the Portuguese inspired cuisine, the usage of spices such as chili in peri-peri chicken resembles the fiery taste of Portuguese cuisine. The seashore experiences a major chunk of tourists, the seaside restaurants serve some mouthwatering delicacies to let your taste buds have a spicy treat.

What’s Different?

It’s not just about having a dinner at the restaurant, you can also enjoy the fresh seafood at home! If you’re having condominiums in Mozambique, having your own place to live or some apartments for rent in Mozambique, cook your favorite dish and enjoy the authentic flavors.


The unique of all is the incredible size prawns and Africa’s bird’s eye chili, a uniquely African cultivar of the capsicum Chinese chili pepper. Experience the unique flavors of chicken and goat meats which are the regional dishes enhancing your taste buds.

Served Hot

Mozambican food is always served hot & spicy! This is due to the chili peppers, garlic, and lemons that are liberally used. The word Peri-Peri literally means spicy. It is the standard accompaniment to just about every meal cooked. Being spicy is the major flavor within the entire country.


Here are some enticing flavors and dishes to give a try at least once-

1. Matapa- Its made up of stewed cassava leaves, ground peanuts, garlic and coconut milk, either eaten on its own or with prawn rice.


2. Pao- It’s a Portuguese white bread roll baked in wood-fired ovens in villages.

3. Cashews- Mozambique was once the world’s largest producer of cashews, and even though they’re not being farmed on such a wide scale anymore, there are nut trees growing all over the place.


4. Fish- Fresh grilled barbeque fishes are an amazing appetizer to let your taste buds roll with fire.

5. Tipo Tinto- It’s the national rum of the country. Never drunk neat, it’s a great mixer with the local favorite, berry flavored soda.

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