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Plans to shift to Maputo? You will surely be having a wonderful time in one of the world’s most beautiful city. Maputo has a population of more than 1 million, the port of Maputo can be considered one of the most expensive worldwide.


In comparison with the other cities, the capital is more expensive to live in. Consider the following points before shifting-:

1. Housing

Maputo is expensive when it comes to housing. If you’re looking for houses for rent in Maputo, do not expect a 2-3-bedroom apartment in a desirable neighborhood for less than US$ 850 per month, which is subjected to vary from the location. Moreover, there are a lot of apartments for sale in Maputo which can be above US$ 2,500 with a good neighborhood. Try to find a place which is centrally located, check out the houses in Polana, Sommerchield or Ponta Vermelha.


2. Safety Concern

Maputo is comparatively safe in comparison with the other places like Rio and Joburg. This does not mean you can be absolutely carefree. Be street smart when living in Maputo, 95% crime that takes place in the city is a result of an opportunist, incidents, for instance, can be someone driving the car while on a call with windows open, their mobile can be snatched by the bikers on the roads.


3. Personal Vehicle

The need of a personal vehicle depends on the usage basically! The place you live, the distance between your workplace and how do you consider private comfort. Though the city will never let you feel short of cabs! There are plenty of taxis on the roads to make travel easy and convenient.


4. Finding a Job

Getting a job in Mozambique as a foreigner isn’t really easy! it is better if you plan a job before the moving in. do not count on finding a job on the ground unless you are a specialist in a field you know is in demand. Read the law regarding employment of foreigners before you plan your job.


5. Health

While there are decent health facilities in Maputo, but it is always advisable to stay prevented and avoid rash driving. Rely on International Health Insurance which can cover you in case of something catastrophic, including the need for air evacuation. There are several clinics in the city which are completely trusted with routine procedures and consultations.


Have an amazing stay in Maputo!

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