How Tofo Mozambique Can Be More Than Just a Beach Holiday

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Mostly when people envision a holiday in Tofo, roaming on the beach is generally the first and last thought that comes to mind. But it’s not true, you can do a lot of other things or visit scenic places which makes your trip delightful and amazing.


Tofo is an Inhambane province of Mozambique and has become a voyager’s focus of the Southern African holiday circuit. With warm tropical climate year around, it has become one of the wonderful destinations to enjoy holidays in Tofo Beach.

Depending upon your interests, travelers can book their tickets. For instance, the best season for diving is between May and September and the Marlin or fishing seasons runs from October to January.


Things to Do in Tofo

1. Discover Hidden Enclaves

Due to lack of information or traveling issues, there are few old and ethnic caves which are left undiscovered. Being an uncrowded area, you can tune-in with nature to get complete peace of mind during the stay.


2. Enjoy Coastal Wilderness with Quad Bike

You can rent a Quad bike in Tofino and explore some small villages in the sand dunes. All the tracks are kid-friendly so that you can even ride with your family without any troubles. It is a fun way to spend your afternoon with adventures.


3. A Boat Trip to Offshore Island

Boat trips are fun. With sideways sails and rudders made of wood, not only give you a round trip to picturesque places but also becomes a fantastic way to enjoy your evening at leisure. These boats are not fancy but are beautiful to ride once during your vacation.


4. Adventure Land for Water Babies

Being a beach destination, you got several water sports opportunities that give you a distinctively unique experience. From scuba diving to snorkeling, you can do anything which makes it a perfect vacation you might be searching for.


Accommodations in Tofo

Tofo Beach has everything an explorer is looking forward to a vacation. From sand-floored backpackers to air-conditioned rooms, you get plenty of options while browsing for accommodations in Tofo Beach.


One of the best ways to get great deals on the type of accommodations you want is to research online. Also, booking on prior basis will help you get the affordable prices.

All in all, whether you want to relax on beaches or if you are looking for excursions galore, make sure Tofo Mozambique is on your holiday list.

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