Day Excursion in Ponta do Ouro

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Ponta do Ouro is a quick reach by ferry, a 3-4 hour journey will be quite entertaining as you will surely be in the lap of nature and raw beauty around. Though it has boomed over the last few years with copious developments and the tarred road southwards from Maputo to Kosi Bay border.


Choose Ponta if you’re in love with nightlife and happening parties at the beachside. It’s a must for a day excursion and a noisy party in the evening till late. Willing to go for a one night stay? Check out the luxury resorts for rent in Ponta do Ouro.

Catch hold to the fun factor with these activities to start with-

1. Explore the Sea

Sea diving is the basic, yet one of the most popular activities done with the expert guidance of a dive master. Enjoy the underwater photography and incredible sea life, experience the coral reefs under Ponta’s water. The ocean safaris snorkeling over the shallow reefs is a good chance to spot dolphins.


2. Eat by the Side

Craving for some food? Consider Love Café’s melt in mouth omelets and blended coffee in a funky atmosphere. Have it all including the freshly baked rolls for enriching your taste buds. Another attraction is Mango Tropical Café, do not miss the healthy fare! Try smoothies and salads for a light meal, though it isn’t an open air one, you would love the ambiance around.


3. Shop till you Drop

Next, to the only fuel station in Ponta do Ouro you’ll find a small shop with authentic hand-woven kikois called Ponki. The main weaver hails from Zanzibar and uses an old loom to create his beautiful one-of-a-kind designs at affordable prices. Then brace yourself for the bustling downtown market. This is where you’ll find bona fide peri-peri sauce, booze, tomatoes, onions, eggs, seasonal fruit (such as mango) for a steal, Sparletta and wax-print fabrics.


4. Party on the Eve

Check out Fernando’s Bar serving all you need for a happening party! Enjoy all-time popular garnish R&R, a cheerful mixture of run with the splash of raspberry. Consider Ponta the party capital of Mozambique and Fernando’s Bar the first preference!


With some fascinating locations, how about a separate place to stay? Right near the sea, underneath the breezy sky? Private accommodations in Ponta do Ouro will be a perfect pick. Hold on! You could also enjoy the luxury in your budget!

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