Choosing the Best Home Loan for your New Home

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Finding the best home loan scheme is no less task than finding the right property to move. The mortgage industry is competitive enough, lucrative schemes, quick loan approvals, and low EMI are showcasing numerous options to select from.


Home loan is available in different variations, fixed and variable rates are offered by the lenders. Though lenders only make some updates in principal amount and interest. The fees and features differ according to each lender, you can choose whichever suits your needs.

What are the Major Factors to Consider?

It is imperative to have an overview of the entire procedure, check if you have an inclusion of Home Insurance in Mozambique, are the features all according to your needs and most importantly are you getting the interest rates within the budget? Consider the below-listed factors before you settle down for a loan-:

1. Loan structure

2. Interest rates

3. Establishment fees

4. Size of deposit

5. Mortgage insurance

What are the Features to be Looked for?

Of course, you will not be needing every feature included in the loan package but, the more flexible, the better it is! Always check if you can manage the additional repayments at no extra cost and there is a possibility to make repayments via direct debit.


It would be a win-win situation if you can fix your interest rate at no extra cost or split your loan to suit your situation.

Tips to find the Right Lender

Searching for the right lender can fetch you more benefits! Try to get maximum information about the lender either from the website or by word of mouth. Rely on recommendations the most, as a person already been in touch would let you know the ground realities. Keep in mind the below-listed points before finalizing the lenders:

1. Does the lender have customer service consultants?

2. If he has a message service for customers?

3. Is he having ready access to decision makers?

Choose wisely, get the best!

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