5 Reasons To Visit Maputo

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Mozambique’s beautiful capital city Maputo is a worth visit whenever you plan a holiday! The unspoiled beauty is just one of the reasons to pack your bags and head for a peaceful vacation. While Mozambique is fast emerging on the international tourist circuit, Maputo is now one of the cities with major developments and constructive progress.


Apart from the world class amenities and some alluring private islands, the real estate sector of the country is quickly moving towards a boom. The Sea side property for sale in Maputo along with the attractive prices has made the capital primary choice for investing in properties.

Here are the reasons to mark a visit to Maputo soon-

1. Security

With the minimal crime reports, Maputo is the safest city compared to the wealthier and major capital cities. Although staying carefree is not a good choice but you would never feel absolute silence around as the local hawkers and fruit & vegetable sellers would be around till late in the evening.


2. Affordability

It will fit in your budget if you do not wish to make your holiday too lavish. Maputo is nice to stay with an affordable cost of living, check out the apartments for rent in Maputo for an affordable and comfortable stay.


3. Climate

Every time is a good time for a holiday in Maputo. Its soothing climate welcomes the tourist all year long with approximate 24-27 degrees Celsius. Visit from May to Nov to enjoy the glistening beaches.


4. Music

Maputo has an amazing culture. The small town has its own traditional music with a semblance of Reggae tone. The music often played loud on the streets give the city a touch of music freaks all over.


5. Small markets

Get all you want at the reasonable prices and trendy looks. Small markets in Maputo are perfect for shopping. Be it souvenirs or the giant pieces for your home décor; get all at its best. Do not forget to buy the colorful spice packets for your home.


Visit Maputo for a holiday worthwhile!

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